Mesa Verde Mattress

  • MV-33-SET Twin Mattress Set
  • MV-33 Twin Mattress
  • 33-CF Twin Common Foundation
  • MV-46-SET Full Mattress Set
  • MV-46 Full Mattress
  • 46-CF Full Common Mattress
  • MV-50-SET Queen Mattress Set
  • MV-50 Queen Mattress
  • 50-CF Queen Common Foundation



  • Comfort

  • Profile Height

  • Quilting Layer
    Safe Slumber FR
    5/8” Luxury Foam

  • Upholstery Layer
    1/2” Comfort Pad
    Firm Support Pad

  • Coil Layer
    13 Gauge Duraspring

  • Bottom Upholstery Layer
    1/2” Support Pad

  • Sizes Available
    Twin – 264 Coils
    Full – 384 Coils
    Queen – 468 Coils

  • Warranty
    1 Year



Cutaway of Freedom Adjustable Base
Quilting Layer
Covered in a fire resistant layer, with a mixture of Luxury Foam for comfort & Dacron that provides gentle resistance to help support you during your sleep.
Upholstery Layer
Luxurious Foam provides soft comfort to help you sleep all night.
Coil Layer
The Coil layer features 13 gauge Duraspring coils, which is a stronger and more durable spring system made from 90% recycled steel maintains innerspring integrity and creates a more comfortable sleep surface that adjusts its firmness as more weight and pressure is applied to the spring system.
Bottom Upholstery Layer
Provides support for the coils, and allows the coils to move down on stress points along your body, providing a uniform comfort.
Common Foundation