Make the most of your space with our Warren Youth Bedroom. Its warm Fitzroy pine finish and streamline design and a bonus of storage, makes it ideal for youth today.


  • Materials: V-fld construction, engineered wood products
  • Finish: Fitzroy pine finish
  • Drawer Construction: French Dovetail fronts
  • Care: Surfaces clean easily with a damp soft cloth

  • 52403-5PC
    3PC Twin Bed, Dresser/Mirror
  • 52403-6PC
    3PC Twin Bed, Dr/Mr, Chest
  • 52403-6PC-NS
    3PC Twin Bed, Dr/Mr, NS
  • 52423-5PC
    3PC Twin Bookcase Bed, Dresser/Mirror
  • 52423-6PC
    3PC Twin Bookcase Bed, Dr/Mr, Chest
  • 52423-6PC-NS
    3PC Twin Bookcase Bed, Dr/Mr, NS
  • 52403-TB – Twin Bed
    44”L x 79”D x 49”H
  • 52401-FB – Full Bed
    59”L x 79”D x 49”H
  • 52443-TB
    Twin Bed w/Storage
  • 52443-FB
    Full Bed w/Storage
  • 52433-TB
    Twin Bed w/Drawer Box
  • 52433-FB
    Full Bed w/Drawer Box
  • 52400-TB
    Twin Bed w/Bookcase & Storage
  • 52400-FB
    Full Bed w/Bookcase & Storage
  • 52430-TB
    Twin Bed w/Bookcase & Drawer Box
  • 52430-FB
    Full Bed w/Bookcase & Drawer Box
  • 52423-TB
    Twin Bed w/Bookcase
  • 52421-FB
    Full Bed w/Bookcase
  • 52407 – Nightstand
    25”L x 17”D x 27”H
  • 52405 – Chest
    34″L x 17″D x 54″H
  • 52409 – Dresser
    54”L x 17”D x 36”H
  • 52405 – Mirror
    38”L x 3”D x 35”H