• Full Range Positions
    Head/Foot Up & Down
  • Overall Height
    Standard Height: 16”
  • Wireless Remote
    Featuring Massage, multiple Preset positions, Flashlight
  • Massage
    Massage Timer & 3 Waves of Massage
  • Single Deck Design
    Head & Foot deck are attached prior to assembly
  • Saftey Plus Features
    Pinch Free Zones
    Emergency Power Down
  • 750lb Total Weight Capacity
    Twin XL – 600lb
    Queen – 750lb
  • Sizes Available
    Twin XL and Queen
  • Warranty
    10 Year Limited Warranty
    -Year 1: Full Coverage of Parts & Labor
    -Year 2-3: Full Coverage of Mechanical, Parts Only
    -Year 4-10: Prorated Coverage of Mechanical Parts Only

  • C55866-TXL
    3/3 XL Adjustable Base
  • C55866-Q
    5/0 Adjustable Base

Cutaway of Freedom Adjustable Base
Dark Grey Upholstery Fabric

Mattress Retainer Bar
 Included Accessory
Soft Exterior Frame
 Soft exterior frame prevents pinching.
LED Lighting
 Underbed LED lighting.
Wireless Remote