• Firmness
  • Profile Height
  • Comfort Layer
    SurfaceCoolTM Fiber
    1 1/4” AirFeel® Foam
    1/2” AirCool® Foam
  • Contour Layer
    2 1/2” GelTouch® Foam
    3/8 ” Gel Memory Foam Band
  • Support Layer
    725 Density Wrapped Coil
  • Sizes Available
  • Warranty
    5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Adjustable Base

  • APP-46
    4/6 Full Mattress

  • APP-46-SET
    4/6 Set Full Mattress & Foundation

  • 46BS
    4/6 Beautysleep Foundation

  • APP-50
    5/0 Queen Mattress

  • APP-50-SET
    5/0 Set Queen Mattress & Foundation

  • 50BS
    5/0 Beautysleep Foundation

  • APP-66
    6/6 King Mattress

  • APP-66-SET
    6/6 King Set

  • 66BS
    3/3 XL Beautysleep Foundation

What’s Inside

Cutaway of Allegra
SurfaceCoolTM Fiber
 A fiber just beneath the fabric that’s designed to move heat away from the surface of the mattress to help maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.
AirFeel® Foam
 A soft open cell foam delivers high airflow helping to keep you comfortable during sleep.
AirCool® Foam
 A channeled surface design that promotes airflow through the mattress.
GelTouch® Foam
 Uniform distribution of gel throughout the foam helps provide comfort and support.
Gel Memory Foam Band
 An extra layer of gel to provide support and durability.
Density Wrapped Coil Technology
 Helps provide conforming support and motion separation for undisturbed sleep.
Foam-Encased Edge Support System
BeautySleep® Foundation