New leather motion group features an armless recliner, storage console units and wedges. Incredible bonded leather with correlate baseball stitching.


  • Motion reclining with storage console
  • Tufted backs with correlate baseball stitching
  • Huge padded arms

  • 212D-RAF-7PC 7 Piece Sectional
    126” x 126”

  • 212D-05-317-1-ST LAF Recliner
    38”W x 39”D x 39”H

  • 212-C-317-1-ST Console
    14”W x 39”D x 39”H

  • 212D-08-317-1-ST Armless Recliner
    28”W x 39”D x 39”H

  • 212-21-317-1-ST Armless Chair
    28”W x 39”D x 39”H

  • 212-W-317-1-ST Wedge
    67”W x 43”D x 39”H

  • 212D-04-317-1-ST Raf Recliner
    38”W x 39”D x 39”H